Advice on building a streaming DAC

Hi everybody!

For about two years I've been enjoying my Raspberry Pi 4b streamer running Moode player for Spotify streaming, playing local FLAC collection as well as occasional internet radio. I connecti it to the USB DAC Topping D10s which feeds Audiolab 6000A and Fyne Audio F501 floor standing speakers. Having been happy with the overall setup I don't like the clumsy nature of it: too many boxes and not having a proper way to turn it on and off (more of a Raspberry Pi issue). I want to build a single box with a switch on/off button and a touch screen on the front panel as well as an integrated DAC. I would like to run this list of components by those of you who have built their own streamers:
  1. ELECROW 7" 1024x600 Touch screen
  2. Aluminium Chassis 221x150x311mm (WxHxD) Its front panel should accomodate the 7 inch display
  3. Power management board Witty Pi 4 (for switching the Pi on and off)
  4. Khadas Tone 1 DAC (will upgrade to a newer ES3039Q2M board once they become available)
I have several questions regarding the setup:
  1. Can you advice on the suitable power supply? I do not think I need a fancy linear one, but a switching power supply with two separate outputs for both Pi and the DAC would be useful. I am also thinking to implement a trigger output to control the amplifier for which I presume that I need a 12V output. The Witty Pi 4 board has a DC/DC converter and accepts up to 30V.
  2. Is Khadas Tone 1 a reasonable DAC and will it not be a downgrade compared to my current Topping D10s?
  3. Where can I buy power on buttons to install on the front panel as well as USB and Ethernet sockets (extenders) for the back panel?
I'm pretty new to this and I hope I didn't say anything silly. Cheers!
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