Advice Needed - Power supply for Ack! dAck!

I have an Ack Industries dAck! (non-oversampling DAC) and like the music it produces but the battery power supply is driving me nuts. I would like to put together a power supply that I can plug in or at least source my own batteries so I don't have to send away to Ack industries every time I need a new battery (about once every 12-18 months). Basically I am a DYI noob :xeye: so not sure where to start. Can anyone offer any advice?


I am set up using a basic transformer -> rectifier -> smooothing cap (2200uF) -> LM317 -> couple of small film caps (1uF, 0.1 uF). This is pretty easy, though there is clearly room for improvement. I am going to try some extra output caps as dynamics are suffering a bit. Also, I am running 8 chips in parallel, and this seems to be straining the transformer, so I am about to replace it with a bigger one.

I am told, however, that a battery (or even better, a battery with a cap across the terminals) is a great option. Whether this works will depend upon whether your DAC needs a very specific voltage (and you can find a battery of that size) or whether it can take a range.