advice for a new digital source


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2004-09-10 4:57 pm
I'd like to buy a new digital source,but....
I want to pay around 150euros and I need something that, in the future, I can upgrade it.
I need it only to listen music.Not to watch DVDs.So, I don't mind if it isn't universal.
Maybe a simple CDplayer is just fine (or I need a source to play SACD,too?)
I'm new in digital world (don't laugh please) so I need your help.
Until now I was and I still am a vinyl "junky".But there are so many albums out there that they're not available on LPs or so difficult to find them that you need a fortune to pay and they're used!
So I decided to buy a digital source.I don't like to pay too much because I don't own too much CDs.But I'd like something that I can put my hands on it.Don't worry about my skills.I have built a few projects like tube amps,preamps,phono and speakers.I'm not an expert but all of my projects work fine! :D
The only problem is that I'm very newbie with digital sources.But I believe with the help of this forum, I won't buy something that will disappoint me. And,the experts over here will help me to upgrade it in the near future.

So which is the best choice at 150euros?

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2004-11-03 3:55 pm
Certainly not. With that budget, an Onkyo 7711 might be an option (look on ebay...). Or maybe a rotel...? Or a Pioneer 507 modified or unmodified...

But, coming from a good vinyl system, you may want to consider SACD, so that the "digital sonic signature" is less prominent (only theory, I don't own SACD).