ads P440 Manual

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I have an old ads power plate P440 amp and I'm trying to find a manul for it. I tried the manufacturer's web site:
But it apears that not only do they no longer produce amps, they no longer support the amps they produced in the past. Let me know if any has an idea of where I can download a manual for this thing.
Thanks, I appreciate that.
My search for a manual is mainly driven by my desire to see wiring schematics showing the different configurations possible with this amp. I would like to use it to power a sub and am mainly interested to see what options I have for bridgeing the channels. It's a 4 channel amp. Channels 1/2 and 3/4 each have a switch with the following options:
st / bridge / mono
I would like to know how I can connect a single left and right channel and bridge the channels so I can double the power output.

I found a spec sheet online...
...and would like to understand what this means as far as power output when bridging channels:

The spec sheet shows 'Power Output into 4-Ohms of each Bridged Channel-pair' = 120W
Not sure what this means. Un-Bridged the amp puts out 4x40W for a total of 160W. Bridged it is showing 120W. Does this mean when you bridge an amp you reduce the overall available power? Or is the 120W for each bridged pair giving a total overall available power of 240W?
when you bridge the amp you are combining the output of both channels into one larger channel....if you look at the specs for 2 ohm power with all channels driven you'll notice the power is 60 by four...
when the amp is bridged into a 4 ohm speaker the combined channels share the load
I.E. the positve half is 2 ohms....the neg. half is 2 ohms
60 X 2 added together is 120...are ya following?

that being said.... the total power output of the amp when bridged is greater than the power with all 4 channels driven into a four ohm load.....240w total vs. 160w total

the wiring to bridge the amp is....left + right - on channels 1 and 2 and the same for channels 3 and 4 with the switches in the bridged position....
this is a grea lil amp for running main speakers although you may find it a little lacking for a can't produce the drive current needed for really stellar bass performance.... ( getting nit picky here )......check it out and have fun !
Thanks for the info. So far the specs for my Sub are only calling for 75-100w, so this little gem should do the trick. I'm not trying to build a system that sets off car alarms as I drive by. I just want perfect, and balanced clarity at moderate volume.

Some clarification needed on the connections:
I'm going to take the RCA cable from the left channel of my stereo, plug it into channel 1 of the amp, then connect the two left wires from channels 1 and 2 to one side of my left sub driver, then connect the two right wires from channels 1 and 2 to the other side of my left sub driver? Then I do the same with channels 3 and 4 for the right sub driver?

Some schematics sure would ease my mind here.
ok here's how it works

channel 1 and 2..... + from ch.1 - from ch.2
channel 3 and 4..... + from ch.3 - from ch.4

I believe the correct input for each pair will be
ch.1 and ch.3
if you get the wrong inputs it won't hurt the amp it just won't play till you swap em
or you canuse 1 pair....1 and 2 and if i'm not mistaken there's a switch to get ch. 3 and 4 input from ch. 1 and 2
Cool, I was not aware that my ads amp would take speaker level inputs. I can handle the wiring, but this leads to a few more questions.
I am currently using factory 6x9's and I have installed 12db passive crossovers with a 100hz cut-off. When I solder in the RCA adapters should I place the crossovers on the input or the ouput side of the amp.
The second question relates to the affect on polarity when using a 12db passive crossover. Does the polarity get inverted or remain the same?
The third question relates to using the speaker level as input to the amp. I'm guessing that I'm going to adjust the gain all the way to zero, turn the factory deck on with the volume at the low end, then gradually adjust the gain on the amp to acheive the desired volume? I've never used speaker level inputs on an amp before and I just want to make sure I don't blow it.
pull out

the factory radio...and with a meter preferably...or a test light....start testing wires until you find one the shows 12v whith the key in the on position or accessory... run a wire from there to the remote turn on input of the amp....that should be on the speaker plug....on the very end....I don't remember which end .....far left if you're looking at the amp i think...don't quote me...but it's labeled on the amp
the wire you're looking for in the oem radio harness is yellow with a red stripe....i could be wrong it's been a couple years since i worked on an acura....good luck dood !
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