Adjustment Tools (Ballpoint Hex Keys) for SME V Tonarm - I need help

At packing List on page 6 under
I read the naming "Hexagon Wrench" with follow sizes:
0,89 A/F
1/16" A/F
2 A/F
5 A/F

two of this are in usual screwdriver outline as to see in the images under
Anyone help me out with this SME tool - 2 Channel - HiFi WigWam
SME Series V Ball End Innensechskantschlussel BRANDNEU KMU Teil | eBay
so as in the attachment
and this two sizes I want to order.

After entering this in the google search field only these suggestions appear

Thus follow questions rises up:

1) What are the common colloquial terms for this tools in the English language ?
2) Which of the four different sizes are in the screwdriver outline ?

If I know this, I will find a lot of offers by google search - so I think.


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They are all ball headed Allen keys with handles according to SME.

Ball end hex screwdriver tends to work for search. Or buy the toolkit from an SME distributor. Its a mega expensive tonearm so why be tight to save €4?
good advices - thank you. A/F means "across flats"
2mm and 5mm are easy to find
WIHA 07650: ESD Schraubendreher Precision, Sechskant-Kugelkopf, 2,0 mm bei reichelt elektronik
WIHA 367-50: Schraubendreher SoftFinish(R), Sechskant-Kugelkopf, 5,0 mm bei reichelt elektronik
but 0,89 mm seems to be custom made - thus it is indeed better to order a SME tool kit.
But the German distribution has changed - go to
Vertriebswechsel noch vor der HIGH END: SME und Goldring
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