Adding voice coil Le

I'm brain dead today.
If I were to use an array of small drivers in series, would their voice coil inductance add so that the last driver in a series of 8 with a per driver inductance of .15mH see an inductance of 1.05, 1.20 or .15mH? Would this cause a roll off of the highs in the last driver?
Thanks, Kyle.

A better way to look at it is that a pair of similar drivers in series will simply split the voltage in half between each other. The fact that inductance makes impedance go up on one is balanced by the same thing happening on the other, so they split voltage down the middle. Having 8 in series doesn't change anything, each just gets 1/8th the voltage no matter the frequency.

If you measure the string of 8 you will see that the inductance is 8 times that of one, but the DC resistance is also 8 times, so no frequency response change occurs.

And which is the last driver (which way is the current going)?

David S.