Adding optical/BNC to Creative Audigy


2011-04-16 6:49 am

This will be my fist DIY project, so please be patient.

I want to add 3 Optical or 3 BNC out to the Creative Audigy 2 ZS. Lets start with Optical (and fall back on BNC if optical is too difficult):
- The Audigy 2 ZS has 3 distinct S/PDIF outs => can output 6 channel PCM sound (2 channels PCM per S/PDIF out)
- The Audigy has 2 ways to output the 3 S/PDIF signals:

a. a 4 pole mini jack: the 4 poles are: Ground, S/PDIF0, S/PDIF1, S/PDIF2
By buying a 4 pole minijack and 3 optical out, can I build a cable that splits the 4 pole mini jack into 3 optical out? Or does optical out needs a +5V that is not provided by the 4 pole mini jack?

b. pins on the board of the card (called AD EXT) where there are the following pins: one "+5V", three "Ground", one "S/PDIF0", one "S/PDIF1", one "S/PDIF2"
By buying 3 optical out, can I connect them straight to these pins? The 3 will need to share the single +5V pin, is that ok?

In both cases, is this what I need? And if so, it seems to have 5 pins instead of 3. How do I know which one to use?:
OPTICAL OUT DLT1150 ¹âÏË·¢ÉäÍ· ¹âÏËÍ· ¹âÏ˲åÍ·-ÌÔ±¦Íø

Thanks a lot,
If you have any source of broken DVD players, those usually have Toslink transmitters that can be salvaged. I'm pretty sure most Toslink transmitters need a separate +5 or +3.3 supply. If you can't find a data sheet for the DLT1150, use something else. The Toshiba TOTX family is a safe bet.

I haven't used outputs from the AD_EXT connector, but to use an S/PDIF input you have to add a jumper to enable that connector. Here's some links I saved...
Creative Audigy 2 AD_EXT pin assignment - Discussion
AD_EXT.jpg original source is gone, but google will find it
Audigy 2ZS COAX Input via AD_EXT Pinouts - Discussion
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