adding EQ without screwing up sound; few questions...


I would like to add a 3 or 4 band EQ section to my pre amp, possibly at the input rather than output.
Ideally this EQ needs to do this (for each band): +6/-26dB
Is it possible to do this without deteriorating the sound quality?
Possible to make a passive EQ and have the 0db position offset by 6db down (if you get what I mean)?

What is the best way to implement this EQ?

Is this where VCA or autoformer can be used?

Thank you,
>>What are you trying to compensate for?

I will use this attenuation to almost completely cut a certain freq band. This is not normally used for listening music but quite often for mixing tracks and transitioning from one to another track.

I am looking for (if not the perfect solution) the least compromised implementation of this +6/-26dB EQ capability. Can you specify the type of a circuit that would be of least deterioration to the signal path?