Adding a Tube Pre-Amp Stage to T-Amp

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Was just wondering if the marriage of a tube pre-amp stage and the pure power and efficiency of a Class D power stage could make a sonically pleasing yet compact integrated amp. Much as I like to experiment on this, have no idea how this could be accomplished and wonder if any T-Amp modders out there have tried this.
I used my Foreplay II tube preamp with my Charlize amp for a short while and it was much better than just the charlize with a volume pot. Since the amp was for my kids, and the FP has high voltages running through a not very well sealed box, they use it with just the pot.

If you have a tube pre, or can borrow one, just try it and see if you like it. You could then build it into a single chassis.
The following looks like it could preform as a pre-amp with the right modifications notwithstanding that it is small.

Actually my intention was to integrate a tube-pre with the T-amp functioning as a power amp in a new enclosure as a hybrid amp driving JVC wooden cone speakers which are now available in kit form. Placed in the office, would not take up too much space and would sure make the overtime hours more pleasant.
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doorman said:
I've got a Trends TA10.1 which I use occasionally. The addition of a tubed Pre in front makes it into a very enjoyable combination. Without it, it lacks a lot of that "something" that I look for!

Just got our Trends back from Chris (had to give him the KingRex). Guess i should hook up my Gregg the Geek line stage up with the USB DAC and the Trends and have a listen.

yamaha said:
If the 6dj8 does not work at 12v, how come musical fidelity use the 6dj8/6922/ecc88 family in there head-amp and phono amps?

These seem to have good reviews and are generally well recieved

I'm far from an expert on vacuum tubes but I have been investigating a tube buffer at the front end of my active XO/amp.

Good reviews and generally well received does not always mean they sound good. they might just be overly "warm and tubey" or just trendy. (You know that 4 letter Brand who sells the little cube speakers?) On the other hand maybe they do sound good.

Using any device that far out of it's specs is very risky. It's like using a Subwoofer driver as a midrange.
It is possible to run a 6DJ8 at low voltage. Better though is the 6GM8 which is an almost identical tube designed to run off car batteries. 12v is still pretty low, I run my Aikido at 24v with 4 6GM8s, the 4 heaters run at 6v in series which equals 24v also so I use a single power supply for both plate and filament.
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