Add Coax Out to M-Audio Transit?

I never tried using any RS-422 TX parts. Seems odd to have an inverted output available, and not use it.........

Anyway, the drawback to using both the inverted and non-inverted ooutputs is that there may well be some prop delay in one of them. Unless they are perfectly aligned, don't use them. I have yet to see a F-F where they are, but I see people trying to use both together all the time.

I notice that the output Z of the 2 outputs is not identical, so that may be a clue.

I used a simple resistor divider on the input signal of the optical output which works like a charm (don't remember the exact values anymore but i think 300&75 ohms or so will be ok).

Actually, I removed the useless analog output part of the transit to route the 'coaxial' spdif through the 3.5mm jack :D