Adcom GTP-500 poltergeist

I just bought an Adcom GFA-555 amp and an Adcom GTP-500 preamp from the estate of a friend who died recently. He got this combo new, and loved it. I can see why. It does have a quirk I hope you can help me understand, however.

My buddy kept the infrared sensor on the front of the GTP-500 covered with tape because his TV and Blu-ray remotes also affected the GTP-500. When I removed the tape, I noticed that sometimes the GT-500 switches off when I light a lamp in the same room, or if I happen to walk by the unit while it is on. My Apple TV remote also affects the GTP-500, switching it on or off.

Is there anything I can do to alleviate this behavior, aside from covering the sensor with tape? I appreciate your consideration.
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Lots of audio equipment use Philips RC5 codes for the remote. If your Apple uses similar it might interact, and proof of that might be if other remotes you have do not give an issue.

As for the lights... might be worth trying a different bulb if they are LED types as it might be strobing at some critical frequency that gets mis interpreted. An old trick years ago for remote receiver issues was to put a grounded wire mesh in front of the sensor, even a simple cross of wire can sometimes make a difference although ultimately there may be nothing you can easily do.