Adcom GDA-600 Tweaks


2002-09-04 11:00 pm
I have an adcom gda-600 Dac that I want to tweak. So far I have changed the 6 2200uf/35v power supply caps with elna tonerex of the same size bypassed with some .22uf stacked film caps. Is anyone familiar with this dac?? I am looking for some ideas on tweaking it. It has a bunch of 10uf/25v caps around the voltage regulators, would it be a good idea to upgrade these to some oscons or BGs and increase them in size to maybe 47uf?? Also would it be a good idea to change the stock diodes with some 1amp 100v schottkys?? Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to upgrade this dac. I am having trouble finding info on it.