ADCOM 5450 Resistoe


2015-02-25 12:57 am
I was Recently given an ADCOM 5450 car amplifier to repair. Amp goes into protection when powered on. So far, I’ve found a bad diode, two small resistors, and 2 damaged IRFP240’s.

I’m trying to determine the correct value and wattage of the metal oxide (flame proof) resistor connected to each of these transistors.(Please see attached pics) I believe these are .1 ohm but wanted to confirm this? I also need the wattage, I believe it’s based on physical size but I’m still unsure.

I believe Perry confirmed in a previous thread, same amp but different transistor, that I will only need to replace the bad IRPF240’s and not all of them, due to the class A/B design. Please confirm that this is true for these transistors as well?

My last question, can I replace the IRF610/IRF9610’s found in this amplifier with a more durable, powerful, or more modern transistor combination? I was considering the IRF640/IRF9640 combination but I’m unsure if these will be compatible with the rest of the design?
Thanks for any help and assistance


2015-02-25 12:57 am
Here are the pics


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