ADAU1401 DSP with PCM5102 DAC, BCLK missing


Im trying to use ADAU1401 DSP with chinese PCM5102 DAC module, but i have no sound from PCM.

DATA, LRCK, BCLK frequencies+voltages from the ADAU ok.

But maybe i found what cause the issue:

PCM5102 voltage pins:
  • pin 1 CPVDD: 3.3V
  • pin 8 AVDD: 3.3V
  • pin 20 DVDD: shorted to GND
  • pin 18 LDOO: 0V

Is it ok that pin 20 shorted to gnd & no voltage on pin 18?

Thanks for your help!

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That's obviously a problem. Do check for visible solder shorts across the decoupling cap on pin20, also between pin20 and pin19 or the cap may have cracked leading to a short-circuit. If the short is still present then remove the cap and re-test.

I fixed the short circuit, wired 3.3V to DVDD pin but still no sound.
  • pin 1 CPVDD: 3.3V
  • pin 8 AVDD: 3.3V
  • pin 20 DVDD: 3.3V
  • pin 18 LDOO: 1.9V

Did you pay attention to the BCK and DATA labels on the board being incorrect? If you hooked them up as labelled, you need to swap them.

What is the problem with it? BCK going to pin 13, DATA going to pin 14
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How did you check the BCK,DATA,WS voltages and frequencies - do you have a 'scope? Is FMT pin low or high?

Yes, with a scope. FMT, SCK pin connected to GND.
LRCK, BCLK signals:


See the note below - this is from a screenshot from an ebay item.

Checked the lines with multimeter. Looks good. But I tried it reversed and it doesn't work that way. :/
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