Acurus A250 Power switch light flicker

I recently acquired a lonely Acurus A250. It was orphaned from a co-worker who upgraded. The power switch rocker has a green indicator light that flickers. It came with a piece of black tape over the indicator!

I tried to find an inexpensive replacement switch. Its sort of an odd configuration. Black body and black rocker with a green light, 22 x 30mm cut out.
I found out that this switch is easy to disassemble. The power to the lamp in the rocker is via two coiled springs, the springs penetrate the back side of the rocker and the leads for the incandescent lamp and a series dropper resistor are just looped through the spring leads. No wonder it flickers. While testing, the incandescent bulb went open. I just replaced it with a green LED, a IN4007 and a 470k dropper resistor. No more flicker and seems ok. Potted those parts with hot melt glue in side the rocker body. Only issue is that the shade of green doesn't quite match the green of the Acurus pre-amp.
Close enough and no longer annoying