Active XO Options

Well my Rane AC23 took a turn for the worst last night, and the entire left channel section is not working (went from just the woofer not working, to the woofer and tweeter to now the entire thing).

What are my options?

A. use BruteFIR to create filters and rig up a linux machine. The linux is not the problem, but configuring BruteFIR for me (I already have a computer running linux available with a decent soundcard).

B. Save and buy a Behringer DCX2496

C. Buy a cheap Behringer analog x-over

D. DIY something..... options on DIY?

E. You tell me?

I don't have a large budget (just bought some uber sweet Grado SR-325i's!), but I am willing to do what it takes, and I'd like something that is easier rather than harder.

I've been using 4th order x-overs at 400 and 3500hz and have been realtivly happy with them.