Active Sub-Woofer and Controller frequency adjustment


2004-02-12 4:55 am
Hi, a few months ago I build Rod's P68, and P48. Both work great, except I have to get rid of my subwoofer, and use my ported 12 inch loud speakers. Each woofer is 8 Ohms and I will connect them parallel so I get 4 Ohm load on the amp. They are not very high power have no idea since these speakers have no writing on them at all, my P3A drives them to maximum excursion at 10Hz. I can't hear the sound but I can hear speaker clicking. Anyhow I just need a way to increase the cutoff frequency of the EAS circuit to 700-800Hz so the system will be properly X-ed over. Since my currest setup is a 3-way at 750 and 2500. Thank you very much.