Active Band Pass Filter Design...

hello.. well i hope this might be the right forum for my doubt..

i want to design a butterworth active bandpass filter having:

* Flat pass band from 23khz to 53 khz..
* No or very less phase difference between the pass band..

if anyone can hlp, pls do provide me with a possible design..

Prasanna Rao...
paologatto said:
Here it works..

Or go to Analog Devices home page and search the online tool.


JonHarrison said:

You need to have java installed and enabled in your browser to use the Analog Devices tool.



Thank you very much.. i got the tool..

its good but may not serve my purpose to its best.. anyways, thanks for guidiing me..

and, can anyone provide me a link for a free bandpass filters designs..?? it would be gr8..