'ACTION' Color TFT 3.2" Screen or NView Spectra? Help me buy!

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Has anyone seen these before?


No, I'm not the one selling it--but I was considering buying it to make a "medium" sized projector. $75.00 for 800x600 TFT????? With a TV tuner? Can that be true?


I've never even heard of the brand, and I can't find much info about 'em (www.actiontvusa.com is their site, I think). This monitor wasn't even listed on their product list. Too new, or a hoax?

It's either I buy this & a lens, or I hold out for an nView Spectra & an overhead... HELP!

Thanks in advance---

Basically that is the type of thing that all of the small panel DIY'er's, including my self, have been looking for. If this thing is easy to take take apart, and delivers on it's promised resolution, then I think my LCD troubles are over.

You're right to be suspicious, though. Google can't find anything about them, but the product seems legit enough.

Thanks for finding them.
Re: Wow.

Nexzus said:
If this thing is easy to take take apart, and delivers on it's promised resolution, then I think my LCD troubles are over.
. . .
Thanks for finding them.


Don't thank me yet--I'm going to put a quick phone call in to the "action" company tomorrow to see if this product is really new or really old, and what the actual resolution is. The guy who had it on e-bay has had them on there before, and I'm assuming will have them on again, since he only got 1 or 2 bids (out of a lot of 30).

I saw you out on the "small" DIY project threads, and a smaller "all-in-one" DIY projector was my original intention, too...but I've seen so many (easy and) successful attempts with an OHP and nView panels. It's hard not to lean in that direction.

I'm guessing he fudged the numbers on the resolution, but I'll try to get to the bottom of it. Don't go blowing $75 on it yet.......

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, you're right about the LCD Panel/OHP combo. A whole five seconds of assembly. For my situation though, it would not pass the GAWD test. (Girlfriend Approval Wall of Doom). :female: Any guy in a similar situation will instantly know what I'm talking about.

A nice small box with a nice wood finish would pass it though.

Look forward to your next post with your response from Action TV. Good luck.

I'm married, so I know the feeling! Don't get me wrong--I love being married, but a rather gawdy overhead sitting behind the couch (which we'd have to move away from the wall to accomodate) would not meet wife approval, plus our son might be inclined to knock it over. And, it is the main thing hindering the nView/OHP plans. Hence my interest in the small DIY projector, as well! I'll investigate and get back to you sometime tomorrow.
i spoke to the lady selling the 3.2" LCD tv and this is what she had to say:

Me) i would like to purchase one of your tvs. what happened to your auction? i have moneys ready!


Her)Thank you for the inquiry. Could you advise what item # you are looking for? There are nothing wrong with the TV. Thank you and have a great day!

Me) I was reviewing your auction and when I went
back to place a bid it was closed. It shows you had 30
and only 1 bid...? Is there anywhere that I can go to verify the
resolution on this 3.2" LCD TV? I really need to make
sure that it does display 800X600 and is TFT etc..

Thanks and awaiting your prompt reply,

Her)Thank you for the inquiry. We should have more auctions coming up. Regarding to the resolution. The only way is I could take the picture of the user manual and send it to by email. It says 800 x 600 resolution in the manual. Thank you!

Mina = sales@awgon.com
Well, apparently Outlook dumped Mina's mail in my junk box, 'cause I just found it.

I called "America Action," and they were very nice. The person with whom I spoke told me that the model number is ACN-5332, and that it was kind of a "limited edition" model, and they didn't make too many. Maybe production costs were too high, who knows... but, she dug up the specs from the "warehouse," and it didn't list the HxV resolution, but the total number of pixels was only 118,800, not 480,000. So, I'm guessing the resolution is somewhere around 480X240, which isn't bad, but it's certainly not 800x600.

Still, the price listed was only $75, and the size is perfect to put with a Delta IV or other similar lens...plus, it has video in, as well as battery/dc power, tv tuner, and radio. Doesn't sound all bad for a first project.

Nexzus or ap0the0sis, are you either of you going to get one for sure (or were you just trying to get the truth about the specs)? I'm pretty sure I will, but since this is my first projection project, it may take a while to get it all up and running.

How hard is it to wire up a Metal Halide light ballast?? I found a place that has 250, 400, & 1000 under $65 and the bulbs are less than $40 each. I think you could do 250watt for about $50 including the ballast & bulb... Am I playing with fire (no pun intended) trying to wire one of these things? If I take it to an electronics shop, how much should I expect to pay to have them wire it for me?

Something doesn't seem right here.

I don't doubt that the ebay auction (and apparently the manual) both say a resolution of 800 x 600. Without the manual I can't say.

That rep mentioned a resolution of 118,800 pixels. If we go by RGB pixels that is about 398 x 298, which is a pretty weird resolution, but might be respectable. If we go by a separate count (counting each RGB element), we get a resolution of 230 x 172 which is another strange resolution.

Although, after a bit more thinking, 800 x 600 is a bit much for a consumer level personal TV, especially at that size. I have a feeling it's around 320 x 240.

Oh well, the search continues.
ap0the0sis said:
i was trying to get the facts about the LCD tv. Only way of doing that is by showing interest in the product. I have a projector. i am looking to build one but with parts i know will give a good image.


ap0the0sis, I didn't mean to imply anything--I'm just pretty broke and was hoping someone else would go this route first. :)

I'm still torn--some of the projectors aren't *that* expensive off e-bay (straying away from ones with burnt out $450 bulbs), and I'm really skeptical about how I'm going to hook up some type of light source. That is, if I get this "action" screen, and am actually able to disassemble without destroying it. And, providing it doesn't have anything impairing the view.

Has anyone received an e-mail with the manual yet? I've been waiting for it, but I don't think she works over the weekend. There are a lot of projectors that use 3.2" 800x600 screens--they are EXPENSIVE, but it isn't completely inconceivable that "Action America" couldn't have purchased a clearance stock of them from somewhere... hence the "special edition" status of this particular product. They just made 'em until they ran out of screens.

Maybe I'm just grasping at straws here.... but before I go get a spectra 640 x 480 screen and sit in my living room with a noisy overhead, I'd like to find out for sure.;)

Also, does anyone know what it would take for me to hook up a metal halide lightsource? what do I need? Special power source--what type of socket/ballast--transformer--reflector?

Anyone? . . . Bueller?
i hope i do not cause more confusion

if this 'hardware' even works with batteries, how did they solve the problem of the backlight? obviously there must be a back light. Is teh back light made up of LED's? or some kind of mini fluorescent tube like in the legacy monitors? if this is the case than after your fist set of batteries the tube needs to be replaced cause the maker of legacy clearly says that anything less than 10.8volts will cause irrevokeable damage to the tube.

i would be interested to find out how many cables run to the glass display ? anyone has an answer to this?
"Also, does anyone know what it would take for me to hook up a metal halide lightsource? what do I need? Special power source--what type of socket/ballast--transformer--reflector?"

Its very easy. When you get the ballast it will have instructions. They are all a little dif. Some have ignitor some dont. Mine doesnt it starts off normal volts = longer warm up time but more reliable bulb and ballast. You will have one side of transformer (ballast) that is inputs. These will be labled 120v 220v 240v 480v etc. Pick the one that matches your household volts. then use the line volts (120 etc) for the black house wiring (HOT) and the commen for the white (return). If using a outlet the saftey tanged one with a wider blade on plug is hot. Be sure you have the outlet polarity right before using... Then on the output side you will have one wire labled "cap" and then commen again. The commen wires are connected inside the ballast so they are really the same wire use either commen fo either connection. The cap wire goes to cap and the the cap goes to the center connection on bulb socket. The commen goes to the outer ring of mugul base (return)...thats it. Its really easy. The only dif. that maybe will be either it will have the cap shunting the circuit instead of series or it will have only one commen you have to pigtail, or it will use a starter. Just cheak the manual on ballast and then let us know what it says. I'll guide you through it. Its really very easy. Just a couple of variables you have to be sure of that you wont know untill you get the particular ballast. Also match the bulb to the ballast aswell so the starter or lack ther of matches. Mine is M57, thats the spec for bulb and ballast. You'll see what I mean. If you have anymore questions about it let me know...
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