Acoustic model 3212C speakers


2010-02-12 4:09 pm
I got a set of "acoustic" model 3212C speakers. Just acoustic - not acoustic research - hopefully they made my "acoustic" speakers after they finished doing their "research".

I hope they are not white van, but the guy that made these to sell out of his white van, probably hand hammered the white van that the sold them out of as well. These are monsters, and sound amazing - this from a dedicated EV, infinity and heil user. They will take every bit of the 160 watts I can put to them, pump out tons of sound, be very very clear doing so and ask for more.

OK so - They are in a 4ft tall box which appears to be made of plywood and mdf as well as have lots of bracing and reinforcing and is black vinyl covered to take the rigours of being dragged from gig to gig. it also has these 2 handles and lifting them wihtout those handles is impossible. 80 lb each easy, 2 12's that look like old electrovoice 12's complete with the cast frames and cloth surrounds and a 12 inch wide metallic but non steel horn.

Now my question is - what are they, who made them and what horns are these. I am hoping to mod them a little basically peeling off the vinyl and putting veneer on it etc. Maybe mod or rebuild the horns etc. They sound great, but I seem to hear some hint of what would be some diaphragm flutter at very high volumes on 1 speaker. The other seems to have lived a rougher life, but weirdly it sounds better. Maybe it was replaced at some point.