Acoustat Tweak Forum!

> Please check it out and contribute your experiences<

I've checked it out almost daily since you posted your message - but I still see NO WAY to post anything to it!

I have a question to Andy Szarbo, but without access to this Tweaks forum, I know of no way to contact him.

He repeatedly states in his answers in the FAQ section that the Spectra 11 panels must not be run full range - but gives no logical reason (to me anyway) why not.

As I've been doing just that for a yesr or so with nothing but wonderful sound - what am I missing?

Allen (Vacuum State)
ESL Circuit

Allen you can try to reach Andy via the ESL Circuit. I will contact Mart to have him contact you regarding the Acoustat Tweak page.
Re the spectra issue I cannot see any reason why Andy would suggest they not be run full range either. Hope that you try out some of these mods and report back. The Izzy Wizzy cap mod is easy and well worth the time as is lowering the load resistor value to 20 meg ohms useing a mome made high voltage carbon resistor (string of the largert value you can find). Best regards Moray James.