ACI Titan - any replacement amps?

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Hi. I am new to the forum and, I confess, not a great DIYer, though I have loved audio my whole life. My first question is this: I have an Audio Concepts Inc. Titan sub, but the amp seems to have died. (The woofer still works perfectly, and the fuse is sound. I do know enough to check fuse continuity, but not much else other than the fact that it is getting AC power.)

Is there a sensible way to get this repaired or a good fitting replacement amp? I know the sub is well used and so not worth a lot, but I'd like to keep it going if I can. Thanks in advance for your advice!
I don't know anything about that speaker, but there are many so-called "plate amps" available from Madisound or Parts Express. Often these amps have a built in boost at low frequencies, and if you want to match your amp closely, you need to know if it had boost and how much. ACI may have a recommendation if they don't supply the amps any more.

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Reading that probably the best idea is to get the amplifier repaired.

rgds, sreten.

Thanks for the replies. I am about to move to Dallas, and I was trying to decide whether to pack up the sub and take it with me. Despite the fact that ACI seems to be out of business (and the size of the plate amp is different from any I've seen online so far), I do want to keep it and so will look to get it repaired sometime after the move. I appreciate your responses!
Plate amps built into commercial sub enclosures lacking sealed isolation between drivers and amps have an annoying failure rate, almost always after warranty and replacement parts are available - just ask the speaker service dude at your local bricks and mortar audio emporium . Also in many cases critical circuit components are potted with anything from hot glue to "Sikaflex" type of mastics, rendering repairs difficult.:eek:

I'd be inclined to configure any replacement amp - dedicated sub plate amp or otherwise-external to the woofer enclosure. If sufficient Bass Management is available upstream in the signal path, you could forgo an amp with XO and level controls altogether
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