about Studer A730 next track function problem.

I receive a studer A730 from a friend.
It works very well but the 'next track' function not works.
from the manual ,I see the Cursor button could offer the function of next track during playing.
But I press the Cursor button , it does not jump to next track...
I am sure the cursor button works in cursor function ( when sets cue , it works well as a cursor).

It is very very thankful that someone give me some suggestion about the problem.
many many thanks!
Kindest regards.
You're a lucky guy, got a dream machine!
If the playback works properly, i.e. it plays continuously without the transport skipping of objecting (making loud noise when advancing towards the end of the disc), then I think the problem is in the NEXT or CURSOR button not making the electrical contact. These are made by carbon beads embedded in elastic rubber foil on gold-plated PCB contacts and are known to be unreliable sometimes, depending on the wear or the environment in which they worked or were being stored. A light cleaning of both usually solves the problem. Be careful not to clean the carbon beads with any solvent or contact spray.
this problem because you are using the first version of a730. In this version the next button does not work. To be able to upgrade to the new version you need to upgrade the mainboard yourself (make sure your mainboard doesn't have an extra solder wire) upgrade the rom. if the servo board is .00 version, it is necessary to upgrade to at least .84 (this is the highest possible version when upgrading from 00)
Update guide for a730


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