About passive crossover

About passive parallel crossover.
Generally all the passive crossover are referred to ground .When an amplifier has its outputs + and – live (balanced) and a symmetric topology like Son Of Zen, does the crossover (with a ground referenced topology) affect performance of the system?

Well if I am not wrong a parallel crossover can be arranged :
Thanks AGGEMAM for reply . I try...


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For simplicity I have showed only a simply low –pass filter . But I do the same thing in the hi-pass half of the crossover dividing resistors and doubling capacitors .

That is what I do with my system . The filtering is somewhat modified? Also can this reduce the distortion of the system amp-speaker? Comments are welcome.

When a filter refers to ground, but the amplifier is push-pull coupled, then the filter really refers to the negative pulling part of the amp.

You filter suggestion only adds another component to the filter, and it is generally not considered a good idea to seriel connect two inductors.