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About Junilabs

Junilabs is a French manufacturer who produces high-end audio realizations.
All of our kits and products are hand-made. I personally design each of them. We take particular attention to listen and compare all products and solutions. It takes a lot of time and needs open mind and real high-end environment (multiple products reference, acoustic in listening room, various music, various test platforms, managing vibrations...)

I have twenty five years experience in audio designing and never forget that music is more important than measuring results! Each design integrates innovations, each product is a new experience and I like exploring new ways to reach more music refinement.

You can find various articles in my technical web site: http://tech.juaneda.com
All products and kits are available by the Junilabs' web site: http://www.junilabs.com

I hope you will share our enthusiast in listening Junilabs audio equipment.

Eric Juaneda