ABC Dipole alternative?

I just downloaded ABC dipole spreadsheet, but it seems some macroes do not work in my modern version of Excel :D

I do not know if I can trust the model then.

Is there any alternative tool for calculating dipoles/open baffles?

Right know I would like to simulate the need for Xmax at a given low frequence. Lets say 30 Hz.

I would like to see the difference between a 6 mm Xmax 18" PA woofer, and a 25 mm Xmax 15" woofer. Both have low Qts and Fs around 30 Hz.

With ABC dipole it seems that the 15" woofer will actually perform better down to 30 Hz, but I don't know id i can trust the spreadsheet.

In H frame the 15" is about 105 dB SPL at 2 meter (listening position), and the 18" is only about 97 dB SPL
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