A12p in a two way or FAST - opinions asked

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Dear all,

I have a pair of A12p. I was very, very impressed with them in the Superpensils during a demo, which pushed me to buy them, but I would like smaller speakers for myself.
It seems to me that a good approach would be a 2 way with the A12p crossed fairly low (filter component cost permitting). This could also make the sound more authorative in the low frequencies. And make the speaker more universally suitable for movie sound as well as general music.
The A12p could enjoy its own small space in the bigger box, possibly only filtered by a capacitator.
Initially I would like a passive solution, with a more flexible active solution option later.
I have seen a small standmount BR box with the A12p, that's good until say 100hz, to be complemented by an active sub. I would prefer a classic floorstanding 2 way/fast however.
Did anyone else give thought to the A12p in a two way/fast configuration and what are your opinions?

I have a very basic extra question, as I have already been looking a bit at woofers. To match the high efficiency of the A12p, I could possibly envision to use 2 woofers. My very basic question is, if I put 2 8 ohm woofers in parallel are these then 6 or 3db louder than one woofer? Also would such a configuration be difficult for a tube amp if in the low frequencies it acts like a 4 ohm speaker and in the higher tones (the A12p)like an 8 ohm speaker. Or does it make more sense to put 2 4 ohm woofers in series? In general it seems to me that parallel will be theoretically better sounding than serial, since ther eis no interference between the two.
Hi talaerts,

These are rather broad questions. Is the system for movies or music? How big is your room? What amp do you have/plan to use?

Low pass passive filters generally require several large, expensive coils & capacitors per speaker that incur high insertion loss and ideally require an grunty amp with very controlled/robust output impedance to drive/control the woofers thru the expensive, cumbersome filtering.

I have an open A12 with sealed 30L passive 89db woofer, in the corner of a medium/large sized open plan type room with a fairly powerful S.S stereo amp. The bass is very well articulated, well defined within the overall mix. How 'right' this is will depend on the music you like. How much bass I hear depends on where I position the speakers and where I listen from. Listening from a 'gainy' room position there is plenty of bass. The sound is very full. Listening from a 'non-gainy' position it's a bit leaner, but not objectionably so. For this project I wanted the open sound first and foremost and I had an amp that could make it work.

So I think how well passive, low pass woofers work: how suitable they are, will really depend on your amp and your room.

If I was using valve amps I wouldn't bother with PLPW.

If I had a modest sized room I wouldn't bother with PLPW.

The pencil or super pencil with an optional well positioned active sub (or two if you wanna be extravagant) would be the way to go IMO.
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