A novices attempt at modding the crossover for my DQ-10 speakers


2018-10-09 8:32 pm
I have a set of DQ-10 speakers that are still using their original crossovers and would like to smoothly integrate a sub woofer (Rhythmic F12) into the passive crossover. Is this a valid way to integrate a sub or should i just recap them to their original spec --Minus the super tweeter--

Note - The driver S6 in the DQ-10 modded file would be the sub woofer

Thank you for any and all answers.


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Don't try to modify the existing crossover. An easier and quicker way is to use a plate amp with adjustable crossover, phase, and volume with the sub-woofer. Trying to do it passively with a large inductor means issues with insertion loss and volume matching.

If your DQ-10's have the original crossovers with electrolytic capacitors, you should consider replacing them with decent film types from Audyn or Clarity. Next up would be replacing sand cast resistors with non-inductive wire wounds from Mills or Lynx.