a new one

After reading some time on this forum I decided to subscribe and learn a lot of you here.
I plan already for years to build a tube amplifier and collect as much info as possible.
Some years ago I had the opportunity to listen to a set up with an SE Amp where the famous 300B was used.
I was amazed about the details in the music that I never heard before and after.

My set up would be a turn table with tube pre-amp + a tube amp connected to the pre -amp with also an option to connect my iPod to it.
I have build a KT66 Se amp.
Though i'm back to building solid state things now, Building tube equipment is a very expensive hobby (well, to do it right) i have done it one's but thats final.

Just had to do it one's right:D

I like the sound of a tube amp but the heat, energy consumption, oooh and don't forget the cell-phone sensitivity:p:

The funny thing was that i used a 60 year old dutch power iron and brand-new american output irons -- gave a special look to the whole shebang.
Cell phone sensitivety!
Oke, I didn't realize this. Then I might have to wait for a couple of years that my kids leave the house. Now it's packed with cell phones.
Good you mentioned it, I will reconcider my plan:(

About solid state, is this your own design and calculation or are you using good proved diagrams?