A message from Antek/Par-metal Status update

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I have exchanged a few emails with Cathy over at Ango Technology Group AKA Antek or Par-Metal and she asked that I post a message with some status info on the audio forums.

As you know they recently had a fire that destroyed there main building. The fire was so bad that the whole building had to be knocked down! but they set up a temporary shop right next door. some transformers were undamaged and were saved and they have received a shipment of some models in as well. They are having a fire sale and listing the transformers that they were able to save on ebay at a discounted price. not sure if i am allowed to post a link here or not?? If you search AnTek you can find them in any case. Quantities are very limited and they were only able to save one or two of some models!! They are taking pre-orders for the April inventory re-stock by email. you can go to their website and find the contact info there. Keep watching their website for important updates.

They are rebuilding and have really appreciated hearing from the DIY community! and will really need our help in April!!

They also said they can still make chassis but there is a longer lead time as they have to outsource the work. so if you absolutly have to have something right now they can still help. So they are really keeping things together until they get the place rebuilt!

These guys have really supported the DIY community and lets do what we can to return that favor! :cool:

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I chatted with Cathy a bit today and she said what is mentioned in the first post.

A couple rays of sunshine through the clouds --

There is a shipment arriving in a few days. The really big order (a container or two) isn't until April, as mentioned.

The transformer stock listed on the website is accurate. (as well as ebay auctions)

Things are coming along, and they should be back to normal in a month or two, machines need to be replaced, etc...

In general they are rebuilding as fast and as best as they can. Let's all give them our best wishes, and once stock starts rolling in, order what we can for our projects.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.