A little help for the beginner?

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I am wondering if a TM with great parts (especially the drivers)
or an MTM with mediocre drivers is better. I know it all depends on personal taste, but I would appreciate some input. What are the plus/minus factors of each type of enclosurer? I'm trying to keep the budget under $300. Also, I do not own many woodworking tools, so enclosure design is pretty restricted...
Where can I find pre-cut cabinets?
As for pre cut enclosures, I know you can buy some from www.partsexpress.com

I am pretty new to this speaker building thing myself, so I won't really attempt to give any advice on which type of design is better. However I have had decent results with a MT design just using vifa components and a stock crossover from parts express. I am sure it could be better if I actually had the knowledge to design crossovers and tune the port better. But regardless it is a decent little speaker.

Other alternatives are www.zalytron.com and www.speakercity.com. MTMs have certain advantages over TMs. They have more bass (obviously) because of having twice the radiating area. Having two midranges arranged vertically also helps limit the vertical dispersion which reduces ceiling/floor effects. You might want to read up about the so-called "D'Appolito" configuration.

Because midranges are generally less sensitive than tweeters, TMs typically have an L-pad or resistor to burn the excess sound. Most MTM designs wire the midranges in parallel to boost the efficiency of the midranges, oftentimes eliminating the padding.

In your case, though, because of the additional speaker drivers and additional cost of materials, MTMs can be quite a bit more expensive than TMs, especially if you are buying pre-cut enclosures. So for $300 I would probably go for the TMs.

I would do yourself this favor: whatever you do, build binding posts for each driver type (tweeter, midrange), and build the crossover externally. This way, you can easily upgrade the crossover, and even bi-amp the system eventually.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes...Won
Personally, I'd go for the MTM's over the TM's. Better efficiency, bass response, and there are probably more proven MTM designs out there than TM's. Some of the top midranges out there now along go for over $150 dollars, so you're better off going with mediocre drivers and quality crossover parts. A well designed crossover is the most important part.

You might want to check out the Dayton III project at www.speakerbuilder.net . I've heard a lot of good praise about this budget speaker.
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