A good laugh....think shakti when you read this...

SY said:
Compared to the Magic Quantum Dot Chips being sold by the same guy who brought the world the Magic Jar of Rocks, this is Intel.
No doubt. Before we laugh too much at these guys, check out their small speakers:
1 pair of Founteks + 1pair of 15W Scans + four chip amps in a (admittedly) beautifully crafted box: $10k.:eek:

The result of 20 years research -- computer aided research to boot (On a Cray?)
Damnation of a deal!

Some people definitely know how to make money. Better than I do(n't):dead:
Some people definitely know how to make money.

yes, you just have to know how to adress a fool...

to prove my point:

http://www.bpes.de/de/transformer.html click on the english button

this "device" also is recommended to improve the sound of speakers, enhance the picture quality of your tv set and speed up the processing capabilities of your computer.
It also enhances the quality of trinking water, increases efficiency of your vehicle and improves the quality of your food.

AMAZING.... how many idiots must buy this stuff...according to the testimonials...

one should taste a sentence like this as if it was excellent wine:

Water has the ability to absorb energywise all kinds of pollution up to the most spiritual levels and is always a good carrier and has a good memory for energy waves.