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A few TubeLab SPP questions

After I take delivery of my sectional sofa and get my current sound system(s) setup and in place in my den I can finally start on my SSE amp. I have enough components and boards to build two. As I said in the past my plan since I do not have extensive electronics experience is to build one as a lab model so I can make sure what I'm doing works and the second one I hope to accomplish is to build one nice enough to use somewhere in the house even if it's a power source in my home office.

My next build after that will be a SPP. However I have a few questions. Will Edcor CSXE25-8-5K and XPWR035 transformers work for the SPP amp or are they too much or just the wrong kind? Is a motor run cap a component that I could incorporate into the SPP amp?

To me it seems that the SPP would have been more desirable if I could have used KT88's as the power tubes rather than 9 pin tubes.

I apologize for these questions but the documentation for the SPP amp is just not as clear as the SSE documentation. Plus I'm not an electronics guy so some things I read do not sink in...yet.
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2011-02-04 11:35 am

The Tubelap SPP is a Push-Pull type amplifier, and the Tubelab SSE is a Single Ended design.

The output transformers for a single ended tube amplifier are different from those used in a push pull tube amplifier. So, you will not be able to use the CXSE output transformers, as they are single ended OPTs. For push pull have a look at the Edcor CXPP.

The XPWR035 is rated for 740v CT - too high for the SPP. Suitable Edcor transformers for the project are XPWR131 and XPWR178.

You can use KT88 tubes in the SSE. The Tubelab is designed for the EL84/6BQ5 tube.