A dumb-asked question?


2019-09-21 4:51 pm
I was fond of (and impressed by) a pair of Skytec active monitors I used back in my DJ'ing days. All things considered: for 20w RMS they made a lot of noise!

The dumb question?

The spend their lives being driven hard almost every day. The longer the session continued they produced a distinct smell of petrol. It wasn't a 'new' smell. After 5 years the phenomenon continued.

They had metallic dome tweeters. Could the smell be anything to do with liquid-cooling? Or was it the amp boiling sealants and glue?

I found them here: SkyTec In/OUT Door Active Speakers With Wall Holders&Wires- 20 Watt-Full Working | eBay
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2007-09-01 8:37 am
Some tweeters have ferrofluid in them, which has an oily smell. That should be sealed inside tweeter though.

More than likely the smell was just some adhesives used inside on the cabinet or circuitry, and when the speakers were played the smelly air was exchanged by the bass ports. Perhaps some hot electronics caused some adhesives to off gas more than usual. Most speaker drivers don't last long after reaching the point of smelling (burnt voice coils)
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