A diyaudio DCX2496 purchase for prototyping new speakers

I'm about to start a new project with active crossovers. I would like to prototype my crossover design first using a DCX 2496. However, I can't afford to purchase it when Im only gonna use it a couple of times.

Would it be possible for maybe diyaudio.com to purchase one, and with a small fee + one way shipping, they will send it to you for a week or so, after which you send it to the next person in line?

Would anyone support this idea?


2005-04-17 11:42 am
Although I am not answering the question asked the following couple of points might be useful.

The DCX 2496 is mainly sold through music/PA shops. Unlike home audio, there is a market for hiring such kit to bands and the like for events. There is a reasonable chance you can hire one locally.

There is significant demand for second hand DCX 2496s on ebay reflected by the fact they often sell second hand for close to new prices. Buying a second hand one, using it for a few weeks and selling it is not going to be a risky venture.
I can confirm that DXC is an excellent way to experiment with active xovers.

It is so easy to play with settings and memorise them and swap between them. Listen for a short while or over longer periods, then swap back. Play with equalisation as well as frequencies, delays etc.

I have used mine for 2 months and find that I listen to a variety of sources over extended periods before making a further change.

I think the quality is not as high as a discrete xover but when the experiments are over I will try to duplicate the dsp settings into discrete.

Don't know how I will achieve 20 to 30mS delay in an all pass filter that will be completely transparent to the mid and treble drivers. But that can follow later.

How do you set up for measuring the speaker response and delays and what equipment do you need to add to DCX?