a/d/s sat6 questions...

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here ya go...

It's this one:

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

I picked 'em up from partsexpress.com,

PartNumber ------297-638
Name----- PEERLESS 850439 HDS 6-1/2" WOOFER
Price Per--- $56.50 (price seems to be the same)

This was the closest match using the interior dimensions of the existing cabinet, freq response, and '2-way-design'. The existing cabinet cutout will need to be augmented (ex: with a Dremel) b/c the basket on these Peerless units is much more substantial than the stock A/D/S unit.

The nominal impedence is off by 2 ohms if I recall correctly, so it'll shift the "low pass's" crossover point - i was ready to add a resistor or 2 to fix this, but it wasn't needed. The gain in overlap (if i recall which way it shifted) wasn't an issue.

After a burn-in session overnight, I "a/b'd" them, one with the original woofer and one with this woofer, in 'dual mono' and balance all left vs. all right, and the peerless has more low-end extension along with better male voice (could be the old one was just cooked, too) with no loss of detail on piano or acoustic guitar.

I would say to be sure that you re-stuff the A/D/S with the supplied stuffing. After my a/b testing i replaced the 2nd one and mistakenly forgot to restuff it, and UGH, lotsa midrange smearing (bouncing off the back of the little cabinet and coming back through cone??) dunno, but replacing the stuffing worked.

I'm gonna use my car's old 12" A/D/S 312.2rs subs (one of the subs is seen here: http://www.hakalugi.net/subbox.htm ), as 'bass modules' -maybe 14" cubes, and use and an 'active X-over from a kit i'm building, and look forward to an all A/D/S (& peerless ) bi-amped stack :)

good luck.

Not a problem, let me know on this thread if you ever come across any older/blown Sat6's, I like the look of the units, and wouldn't mind another pair to make into a center channel - i'm taking my current 5.1 system to the basement for a /real/ home theater, so my wife (and her living room system) is feeling pretty left out... so another pair to use for centers would be cool.

E55, as in supercharged V8 ?
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