A/D converter project


2002-01-10 12:27 pm
Hello everybody !
I am stuck in an A/D converter project for recording purpose, based around a Crystal CS5396 chip.
This chip works up to 24bit/96kHz, but for the moment I would like to restrain its function to a 16bit/44.1kHz output configuration, using the psychoacoustic filter it provides to get noise-shaped 16, 18 or 20bit output (16bit in my case).
Unfortunately, the way of activating that psychoacoustic filter (through the I2C mode?) is quite unclear to me. Does it require external components (DSP?) or is that dithering function possible with the 5396 alone?
This is a project I had to delay again and again, as things got more and more unclear as I went on... (Of course I have all the Crystal datasheets...)
So could anyone help me a little bit to understand all that a little better ?


2002-01-11 11:08 pm

Go for it!
I've got some of these magnificent chips lying around for over a year now and I still can't put myself to start building.

On the problem: I am quite sure that you can not use the special features in the stand alone mode of the cs5396.
I'll have a look at the datasheet again.
Have a look at the evaluation board section too.


2002-01-10 12:27 pm
Thanks for your reply !
Same for me... I've had a pair of chips for more than a year now and I thought it would be somewat less complicated!!!
I actually have a layout for the CS5394 which I could use rightaway (I only have to change the clock freq), but this chip offers only 24bit output. I think it is stupid to throw away the last 8 bits for a 16bit use so I'm very interested in getting more info about that dithering possibility of the 5396. BUT as I really am a newbie in digital, I prefer to ask around rather than build anything and junk my precious chips!!!
About the datasheets: of course I'read them again and again but I still have no idea of to activate the psychoacoustic filter...