A better formula for Silonex LDR's

I plugged in about 100 data points for Current (x) and ON-Resistance (y) for the Silonex NSL32SR3 Attenuator -- the errors for the very low currents are close to zero --


This is much better than the results using the Silonex equations.

Here's the equation - ymmv:

On second thought...your formula is pegged down at 47R...it certainly can go lower:)

And can also go much higher, I might add, and controllable too.

the very low resistance points are the insertion loss.

do the math for a 0.5dB 100K+100K attenuator -- you need accuracy in the tens of picoamps in the part of the range where we do most of our listening.

Not quite...with a more precise power delivery "engine" ;). Listening range is mostly in 10s of uA to 100s of uA. With this design working range is from <1uA thru 10s of mA.

I'll probably start a thread...