A-9711 Onkyo crackle in one channel

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I have an old Onkyo amp, A-9711. In the recent month it's been crackling in one of the channels. It would work fine till crackle would occur at random. Changing output channel to another output and back would resolve the problem. Any ideas what could be the problem and if could be easily fixed by replacing some part?

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It could be one of many things in reality...

If one channel also goes a bit low in volume (which might appear like an intermittent crackle) then it could be tarnished contacts in the speaker relay. Typically this kind of fault can be 'cleared' by turning up the volume for a few moments. The higher speaker current breaks down the contamination and the fault temporarily clears. Fix is either replace the relay or you can open it up and clean the contacts by hand. Tapping the relay can also alter the fault. This is a common problem.

Cracking could be a bad connection or dry joint, typically on parts that run hot. Again this is common.

It could be a breakdown of a transistor, typically this occurs as it heats up. Again hot running parts are most likely suspects. Reasonably common.

Other possible causes could be an intermittent fault in a small capacitor, typically 'compressed disc ceramic' types. Less common.