99 Durango Tweeter Crossover Capacitor Help

Hi All,

I have a 99 Durango SLT Plus with Infinity 2 Ohm speakers (low output amps). I replaced the front speakers with the same and when removing the door inside panels, the wire to the tweeters needed to be unplugged and the crimp onto the capacitor wires let go. Both sides. I guess 17 years helped.

Not really a a crossover but more a bass limiter I guess. Inline on the ground side.

Each side has a Bennic 3.3uF, 63 wv, NP, Radial capacitor. I'd like to replace both with something with that same footprint (Electrolytic Style and small) so it can fit into the same place. Funny, one measured a little over 3.8uF and the other almost 4.1uF.

What would you guys use! Thanks in advance!


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