8 ohm to 100vLine - XLR to RCA input

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I am changing an existing system in a retirement village. They have 2 100v amplifiers. I am installing an 8 channel 8 ohm amplifier and than want to use transformers to change the output to 100v line and connect a 250 watt 100v amplifier to each output to connect to each zone of speakers. Will this work, the 8 channel amplifier is 50w per channel.

Also I want to connect the 4 wireless microphone XLR connectors to it. It can either take 2 RCA or a 3.5mm plug. Will this work or will there be sound issues. I will be splitter each input, one connection to the 8 ohm amp, the other connection into the existing Australian Monitor mixer. Will there be any losses or will it be fine. The reason for doing this is to allow the use of mulitple inputs into one output zone at the same time. As the 8 channel amplifier only allows one input to one output at the same time.
You need to be a bit careful here, using a transformer to convert from an 8 ohm source to 100V line tends to have some issues (It can be done, but it is usually easier to make 100V line directly).

Why is the 8 ohm amp even involved here? You are running each zone off its own 250W 100V line amp anyway, these should accept a line input each, so no need for the 8 channel 8 ohm amp at all.

Me I would drive each zone off its own 100V amp (taking line level input) and produce those line level signals with the aid of a 'zone mixer' or two which is made for this job.

Cloud electronics make what is (in the UK) the canonical examples together with wall plate remote volume controls, and such, but there should be a local manufacturer of this stuff..

The radio mic receivers can probably be made to output line level which makes this a little easier.

Do note that you may have issues with the NEC here (if in the 'states), it has things to say about 100V line and there may be issues with needing plenum cable depending on how the wiring is run.

Don't try to bodge this with HIFI parts, there are correct tools for this job out there.


Regards, Dan.
The reason for the HiFi amplier is the need to have r232 or IR control over input volumes, and individual zone ouptut zones. They currently have 1 8 channel mixer going into a amplifier off to an Redback A-2080 zone selector than off to wall antennuator volumes switches.
With the setup I am trying to install will give me multiple inputs, control of what input goes to what output and its volume. But the only problem is the switch from Mic XLR to AV input, and than feed 8 ohm speaker cable back into single channel 100v amplifiers to feed each zone seperately. If there is a 100v line system that can allow for zoning with volume control and be controlled via RS232 or IR than I would rather use that system. But I have been looking via Google for over a week and haven't found anything that will work.
Probably because you are looking for 100V line stuff, separate the amplification from the signal processing and the field opens right up.

Some possible examples:
A&H iDR 8 would almost certainly do the job (Has both RS232 in the conventional sense and SysNet for use with Crestron or AMX kit), as would a Soundweb, IIRC Shure have a DSP box as well, or even an old MediaMatrix (Peavey, but the architectural line were actually not at all bad).
Come to think of it, I bet Crestron do something usable as well.

These days this sot of multi purpose DSP based box really is the easiest way to skin this cat.

Regards, Dan.
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