8/16W TIP3055 class A for POWER WASTING

It outputs 0.050% THD @20kHz and full power (+-8.8V output) 8W power (16W peak) -> 12W average.
It outputs 0.010% THD @20khz and 6.6W power.
It outputs 0.006% ..... @20kHz and 1/4 power (...................) 2W power (4W peak) -> 3W average.

need 1-2 more pairs for full +-20v output.

There are two FFTs attached. They are both @20kHz.

P.S. What transistors to use instead TIP3055/2955 ?


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D6 was error and Q1 dont need thermotraking ! If there are D6 it will do the opposite.
LTP does the job for Q1 and Q2, D4 for Q3.

Im attaching a new sch with added another pair of power transistors, removed D6 and output power of 30 Watts.

new specs -> THD @ 30 Watts and 20kHz == 0.014% ,
its perfect for my transformer since it needs 184W, im having 260 :p

i was afraid i will run out of power :cool: cool

But hey this is only one channel :eek: not cool :D :rolleyes:
Can I use 368W with 260W tranformer ? If I cant I will make it Mono amp with 2 audio inputs and output speakers paralleled.

This is "Monster A"


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2012-06-25 12:57 pm