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    the safety precautions around high voltages.

6v6 PP maggie with Polk SDA 1C

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anyone ever use this speaker and amp combo?
Im not looking for screaming sound but I would like to know that I will get some decent listening volume
they would be used in a living room with hardwood floors in a decent size apartment

the amp is a modified Magnavox AMP 185AA
10 to 15 wpc im guessing

I have chance to get a pair of these for a fraction of a fraction of the original cost :p
so either way if i manage to get them I will be posting reviews here of how they sound with my amp :)
Years of Production: 1987-90

Original MSRP: $1,600/pair

Drivers: 2 - 1" tweeter, 4 - 6.5" midrange, 1 - 12" sub-bass radiator

Dimensions: 44"H x 16.563"W x 11.5"D

Weight: 85 pounds each

Frequency Response: 15Hz - 26kHz

Impedence: 6 Ohms

Recommended Power: 50 - 500 watts per channel

Efficiency: 90dB
You should get plenty of listening volume.....

I have a pair of SDA 1C's in my main system and they are the nicest speakers that I've owned to date.

I've been listening to them with my triode EL34 PP amp (about 12W) for the past few months and they are plenty loud for my tastes. I've also used them with the Angela EL34 SE (about 6W), Baby Huey (EL84 PP UL-12W), Quicksilver mono mini's (EL34 PP UL-25W), and a Conrad Johnson Premier 11A (PP 6550 UL-70W), and a handful of SS amps. Lately I keep going back to my triode EL34 amp.

My listening room is fairly large with vaulted ceilings and a hardwood floor, and my listening tastes lean toward acoustic stuff.

If you haven't been over to the Polk forum, check it out. The fanatics over there love the 1C's great bang-to-buck ratio. I have upgraded the tweeters in mine to the RD0194's and put film caps in the crossover.

A few other points....the 1C's use an umbilical cable between the speakers that feeds the outer mid drivers an out of phase signal from the opposite channel. This is the "stereo dimensional array" technology which makes for great imaging. Many used vintage Polks are missing this cable but it can be fabricated fairly easily if you are willing to change the connector in the terminal cup, as either the blade-blade or pin-blade connectors are no longer made (I cannot remember which). The early 1C's used to blade-blade connector and the later ones used pin-blade.

Finally, these require that your negative speaker terminals be grounded, so be sure this is the case before connecting up the speakers. When using monoblocks, in addition to confirming the common ground speaker connections, I plug both amps into the same receptacle to assure the ground connection. If your speaker negatives are not common ground, you can also use an isolation transformer in the umbilical to prevent smoking anything.
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