65watt Projector w/ 5" LCD

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Hi guys, I've been reading for awhile somewhere since the middle the projection topics started... I hesitated posting something until i had something worthwhile to post.

Well, I just tested my semi-final setup. I had one of the 5" partsexpress "ultra-thin" lcds, but the colors were washed out... didn't think it was an lcd problem at the time, but luckily for me.. i broke the ribbon cable on it... so i ordered another.. but this time for some reason they sent me a different lcd... same part # on the box.. but different than the one shown in the picture... This lcd is perfect.. except for the resolution.. When I have enough time, I'm going to get this lcd. LTM04C380K
and design a controller for it with composite/s-video RGB/VGA and component inputs... for progressive scan.. '_'.. but that won't be for a while.

Anyways... I'm using a fluorex equivalent. My Home Depot doesn't carry the LOA but they do carry what looks like the same thing except in a different arrangement. I think the brand is Luxman. But on the box it says it puts out 6XXX lumens or so. What most people with these have been doing is putting them horizontally, but I decided to point the lamp at the lcd and putting a reflector around it to reflect all of the light emitted sideways toward the lcd. With this lcd and lamp/reflector setup, I get BRIGHT and completely enjoyable images. The picture I get has even brightness from the center to the very corners of the picture. BTW this was shown on a 6' x 5' wall. I know that if I get a proper screen, it'll look even better. AND I'm only using 1 65-watt fluorescent bulb to power this thing. It'll save me a ton in electric bills compared to those 400W/1000W MH setups people have.

The reflector is VERY simple as shown below. Right now its made of four flat pieces of masonite with aluminum tape covering it to make it reflective. The smaller squarish end is positioned around the light near the mogul base and the larger rectangular end sits right next to the lcd.
The lens I'm using is off some Barco CRT projector. I believe it is designed for flat CRT's because I get perfect focus from center to edge. I can even see all the individual rgb pixels.

All in all, everything hasn't been mounted and finished up, but these results make me want to continue to get a higher resolution panel now that i've solved the light issue.

I just wanted to show that its possible to make this work with only 1 flourex.

I know there's people out there who're doubting me right now. I took some pictures with my Canon Elan 7e, but since I don't have a tripod the pictures may come out blurred due to the slow exposure speeds I was using. I don't know when I'll have them developed, but I'll post them when they are.

sorry.. picture didn't go through..


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Slow exposure film is what you want for dark pics. It gives the film more time to capture the light. This is because of the asociated slow shutter speed. The longer its open the more light that enters. So slow speed is what you want believe it or not. The slower the better for this. Now a Nascar race with 190mph cars you want high speed. But thats another story huh....;)

Nice, you'll have to post those pics then. I tried the flourex 65 bulb. I still have it. I tried my own reflector also. And made one similar to yours with tinfoil thinking the same thing. But it was still very dimm???? I'll have to see your pics.:xeye: Takes some pics of your light source too please, I'm curious about this. I got my MH 175watt bulb and I'm really happy with the brightness. Its like 13,000 lumens! That ='s just over two 65 watt flux bulbs. Plus its a better color temp I believe. So you got either 130watt flourex for 12,000 lumens or 175watt MH for 13,500 mean time 15,000 is initial. Not that big of a dif really watt for watt.:D 175 watt MH is pretty cool too unlike my Halogen I had at 90watts. Its like half that temp it seems, especially the light. Less IR. Your flourex is the same cooler as it has less IR. One thing is for sure Halogens arent that great for this though the make adequate light they have too many drawbacks. The ultimate will come down to either CFL, FL or MH bulbs in MH bulbs prob. the HQI's as they are more point light source type....:)
nice job schelptor

i have played with that idea when i just started but abandonned it because i usse teh 2 fluorex lamps. i thought raw force would give the same result and it does!!!

here you can see my now unused cone that i had made out of a special foam (used to glue picture on for fairs, congresses etccc)


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sorry to bring up an old thread but i also am interested in using a fluorex as a light source, i was wandering if mirrors would work better as a reflector in the cone (i know this is kindof a stupid question), i found at my local home depot to has some of the light on sale for like $18 so if someone can reply ASAp that would be great... thanks alot
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