60 x 60 conical horn


2005-08-21 7:17 pm
Where can I get a 60 x 60 horn like this one... should go down to 1.2 KHz, preferably less. Thank you.


I saw the Dayton horn... closest I could find. Lowest recommended frequency is 1.2 KHz, which is cutting it too fine for my comfort.

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I have a pair of Bill's AH!1000 (pictured in Steve's post). They're 50deg. and they do fine down to 1kHz. He also sells the AH!700 (60deg. conical) which will work down to 700Hz. Very nice, but as Steve said pricey.

Though not a conical, you might check out the 18sound XT1464. Narrow coverage (60deg. x 50deg.) and looks pretty good to me: XT1461.