6 And A Half Weeks ?

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"PSS AUDIO is hereby sentenced to serve 6 weeks in the Sin Bin for the following offences .......".

AudioFreak, this is a bit extreme imo.

Juri is just new here and took the bait when it was slapped in his face and he replied inappropriately, but I am sure that he is quick to learn and that he has something to contribute - he has shipped 30,000 amplifiers according to his site, is building gear that is reasonably well accepted in pro-audio, and heck he is even happy to publish his schematics freely and in the NP tradition.
Yuri has put some thought to soloutions to pro-amplifier requirements and seemingly sucessfully.

I am not sure that his forced ventilation setup is ground breaking but it is perfectly effective, and his circuits whilst not cutting edge audiophile probably fill their intended application very admirably.
It seems that the naysayers and self proclaimed experts/legends in their own lunch time ought to be the ones cautioned or penalised.
Yuri came here in sincerity to ask what audio users regards as sonically important as opposed to specifications, and got attacked for what are perfectly reasonable questions.
There was a comment that Yuri's protection circuits are suspect, and if this is so then this is good feedback for Yuri, and he can work to improve this aspect.
If this is not so then Yuri can explain his reasoning.
This Forum is about propagating good knowledge and experience, and NOT about egos - Those guilty of egoism pull yer heads in.

I say let him off the hook and let him return if he is interested to do so after the treatment he has recieved at the hands of some of the more immature present here.


In future I say that when such a volume manufacturer makes his presence known that he ought to be viewed, regarded and respected as a potential source of good theoretical and practical information and not as a target for derision as has been the case with several new well qualified posters here.
NP, HH and others very happily divulge bits and gems of info - I am sure other experienced elders will do so too.
I think Yuri just defended his work. I have seen a lot of published amplifiers here in the forum from people who made their own. But I have never seen anyone speaking rude about them. Yuri published his schematics and information on how to build them. jsut like any other source at the net. Is the problem that he did't publish his gerber files?

I belive that 6 week's in sin bin is too much. Yuri was just defending himself and his product, nothing more.
have to agree with Harry. AKSA/Hugh Dean or Gabevee or Allen Wright or :scratch: Nelson Pass, can that be?

YG/pss audio got our warning and request for apology which was meant dead serious. He did not pay attention, he continued to do like he did in public :goodbad: as if nothing had happened. And his private emails showed that he had no sign of bad conscience. Worse, he was inciting others to get into trouble.
:headshot: . Too bad.

your answer "have to stand on the amp's top plate" made me crack lauging :)

i would like to assure you we moderators are not acting out of being partial or arbitary or out of a whim, if we take such action, there is some reason and reasoning behind it. It is no fun at all to trigger such actions, i can tell you, after one has tried to set the wrongdoer straight and failed.

We moderators have acted too late, we should have interceded after post#5 or so in this thread, :blush: .... we are humans, we can fail, too. :sad: . And several other members in the PSS AUDIO thread too... several offenses took place provoked by YG's conduct, no punishment. We would like to keep it that way. But if the participants step in and argument starts again and gets heated, we have to intercede again and that would be really unnecessary, isn't it?
So please, let us stop the topic right now ... and i don't have to close the thread, do i?
I didn't follow the thread because the dude acted like an *** in my opinion, just posting adds instead of explaining stuff. But with 6 weeks, well, the guy's never going to come back, and that's kinda sad because I'm sure he has some knowledge to share. But what can you do, $@!& happens, and if it were up to me it'd be hard to decide what to do, that's why the moderators think for us :) in such matters, and for such I'm gratefull.
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Re: Icons

HarryHaller said:
Too many gratuitous and animated Icons....... am I going to have start posting cat and dog pictures to retaliate?

It is easy to post your own little icons. For example
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.
. If you find some icons you like just point us to them -- the chief likes his icons (i just use smilies) and from their common use so do alot of people -- adds a bit of color, and if used well can help express emotion & intent in a place where words don't always do it.

But if you want to do cats, better do them in everything else and you better have a good supply, we've got 9 cats here...

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