5532 opamp replacement

I was planning to replace the two OP amps in my old Sony CDP-x222ES: These are RC5532DD (L Ray 10688), see
I'm also doing a Clock modification with LClock from LC Audio + various mechanical tweaks.
My question is: Which good audio IC's could replace the 5532's dual op amps in my Sony? I will plug in two 8 pin dip sockets so I can easily swap and test different types.

Would OP275 be OK? Or AD712? Or... ?

Thanks /Jan
Hello Jan,

you could try the AD825 module from LCAudio wich uses two single smd opamps that can be plugged into a dip8.
There´s also the possibility to use one or two OPA627 AU with the same module.
If you want to use a dual opamp try an OPA2604 (rel. cheap) or OPA2107 (rel. expensive)
I tried them all and think that the AD825 module is the best value.

Hello Jan

If the AD825 modules from LC seems too expensive for a first try, then you can experiment with the OPA2132 or OPA2134 instead. I don´t know where you get your components (der er jo ikke så mange elektronikbutikker i Helsingør :) but RS and Farnell carries both versions and they´re both in DIP-8 packages, so they are easier to work with than the 825.

Hope this helps!
5532 replacement

Try the AD826. It's a dual opamp, it has better specs than the AD825, and it's less expensive than
the module from LC audio. It's also pretty stable. I haven't had to bypass or decouple one
yet. The Burr Brown stuff is nice, but the 826
definitely beats them in terms of clarity and transient response.

Check out this thread:


The HeadWize and Head-Fi gurus say the AD826 is not as good as the AD8610 or AD825. The AD826 is bipolar input, not FET, which is a big black mark in my book. I am still waiting for my AD826 to arrive. Analog was backordered about a month on them. I have not actually heard it yet, but I don't expect it to be a chip of choice. The AD8610 and AD825 are both great.