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50 years diy ,must reduce suite 2

Here some more offer ; don`t miss 1A+46 a real bargain offer

SOLD 1A + 46-------- FAB USSA 5 class A power amp; description here at post 1A:

1 A -------- USSA5 Fab power amp with quality components , 2013/313 come here on diy from a trusted member : Calvin , for out one of best pair ALF16N/ALF16P ; there is no input capacitor on board cause it is crutial to use top quality (all info pass by) but your preamp must be very low dc out .
I didn't solder driver and out depending of your heatsink choice . Presently RV1b/RV2b are 110ohm , up to you to find 1a/2a with pot ajustment.
Only one pair remain : Price is $200./pair

+ no 46--------FAB USSAP preamp built with quality parts . Total 1A+46 only $230. + shipping 660gr boxed so able to up 340gr parts for free shipping, pic 9220-9213-9214 SOLD

47----------- Dynaudio D28 pair (8ohm) in exc condition $140.pair , shipping 1.35kg boxed . Pic 9225/9226

48---------- Dynaudio 15W75 pair need new rubber (tear); perfect if you do the job yourself or you know someone able to do at reasonnable price ; $60./pair 2.7kg boxed

SOLD 49---------- 6X BB OPA627AP $60. SOLD

Have look the following: https://www.diyaudio.com/community/threads/50-years-diy-must-reduce.409885/#post-7678070

50----- IC offer ; all new and genuine (from 85/99 Mouser/Digikey) , price for each , few are used and well indicated . No 50 only a partial offer ,will follow with no 51 /52/53 if sale are good ;) . And please ! don't ask me for less than $50. order . Pic 9233/9235
6x BB opa 2134 $3.50 ea
2x OP275 $3.50 ea
10x LM 4562 $2.50ea
6x opa134pa $2.00 ea
2x BB opa 2228p $8.00ea
10x AD826an $7.00ea
2x OP249 $3.50ea
4x AD744jn $7.50ea
4x AD 8561 $5.00ea
4x AD 823an $7.50ea
3x BB opa 2277 $7.00 ea
2x OP27 $2.50ea
2x OP 275 $2.50

4x AD825 $8.50ea
2x AD8620 $12.ea
4x AD8610 $6.50ea
2x AD8512 $4.00ea
2x AD8529 $2.00ea
2x OP2177 $3.00ea
2x LM6172 $5.00ea
2x LMH6626ma $4.00ea


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