50 solid ..years

50 solid years in a few hours ...

In a few hours i will be 50 ...TBH actual and precise that will also mean that 41 years of my life i ve been doing electronics while most of it was audio .

Been privileged to work in very nice clubs , operate some big systems up to 2500 pax and that was grate joy , repair thousands of audio devices and find my ways around many small or big nice amplifiers .Even now days in a politically corrupted country within economical mess i manage pretty well .

I am the person who made his hobby a job so YES i wake up every morning to go to work with a big smile on my face .

Been privileged to be a member of diyaudio meet some nice people exchange knowledge and a variety of opinions and learn a new thing almost every day .

Been blessed with a good health a very nice wife and two wonderful kids I dont think that i had 1000 girls in my life but i had nice relationships with girls and some of them really loved me and showed me how real love is .

I am 50 and i think i am happy Meredith Gray said that the biggest mistake or the biggest failure is better than doing nothing ...I ve made both and obviously more than once ..Learned a few things from that so ...yes i ve been doing things with my life ...

Had a birthday present from a friend so my stock of rare semis is reborned and now i have like 100pairs 2SA1306 /3298 original drivers about 600
2sa and 2sc audio transistors very rare to find like the 2SC1000 or the 2SC 1313 or 30pcs of the very obsolete 2SK 34 and even the very rare 2SK150 got a collection of NEC drivers like B536 or A964 some rare outputs like the NEC B705A about 60 original LTP double transistors ike the A798 and many more.
All of them original and brand new .
Stock is coming from a service center in Athens that got bankrupted around 2000 but only just a year ago the building was cleared out ...Stock was found there and I GOT IT !!!!

Birthday will be celebrated with good house music a few BACO's ( bacardi & coke) in a beach club with David Morales On dexx

Kind regards
Keep going