5 way horn & Acoustic Elegance

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Fostex T500 : >10000 Hz
Radian 475 be : Tractrix 1000 : 2800-10000 Hz
JBL 2446 be from Truextent : Tractrix 200 : 600-2800 Hz
2x AE TD12M : closed enclosure : 80-600 Hz
AE TD18H+ : vented enclosure : <80 Hz

Groundsound 4 way digital active crossover/dac/preamp (IIR with PEQ & Delay):

First Watt B4mk1 2 way analoge active electronic crossover:

(Since i need 5 way crossover i use First Watt B4 after Groundsound and then cross T500 and Radian 475be)

Sonos Connect Magna Ultimo mod

Hypex Ucd2K dual mono
Anaview AMS1000
3x Anaview AMS0100

8 x RPG Modex Plate 1
2 x RPG Absorbor in ceeling
A lot of diy custom absorbers in combination with the RPG products

Diy rack


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A level of perfection that few could achieve.

Analog crossovers are retro-cool. Our main Apogee Full Range dipoles still use Linkwitz-inspired all analog crossovers in front of Krell amps.

Anyone who has used a mix of AE drivers like your TD12M + TD18H often praise the value of one consistent signature from a common low Le motor design plus a common cone material.

Very nice, congrats, we have a very similar thinking! I built a very similar system and also built my acoustic panels.

1. We use the same tweeter, and I love this Fostex, nothing more to say about it!
2. The same compression driver, the Radian 475be. I still feel, there can be better solutions are you entirely happy with them? What freq. do they cover?
3. Small horn has the same cutoff too, but my profile is JMLC with this 1000hz one. I can recommend the same to you. You do not loose too much space and the JMLC curve really works better with higher frequencies. If you try and use thise flare for lower freq. you loose too much space, and loose more than you gain (at least for me)
4. I use a Radian 850 for my 200hz tractrix. It seems you have changed the diaphragm with a radian be diaphragm? Why did you need a be, again what freq. you cover?
5. I used a 110hz horn, with a modified supravox 285-2000 for upperbass. One has to tune the back chamber and it makes all the difference. You can easily switch to an upperbass horn later. Is there a specific reason you did not use a horn profile here? Is it because it can not dig as deep and the room would not allow more horns? This is our main difference and is the most important part of the defining character of the system.
6. Where does the sound integrate in your setup. Mine is when ideally sitting about 536cm's away but starts from 430cm's.

Because I used an upperbass horn, I had to have bass boxes operating sub 160hz to 40hz. I built dual woofer bass reflex boxes. I could have them sealed but my TAD 1601b drivers prefer reflex and it is well below limits so there is no noise coming from the ports.

I also have a 20hz tapped horn I have built operating below these boxes. Its not working a lot for jazz, blues or similar, but gets a workout in some classical and electronic.

My crossovers are now passive. I used active myself but then hornfabrik helped me out and now I am more than happy! They exceeded my expectations and really made a difference. You can see the boards on my own topic. (http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/266064-full-range-5-way-horn-project-25.html)

The panels I have built have reflective, diffusive and absorptive properties depending on the frequency. They are similar to BAD panels. One dimensional diffusor with pseudo random holes and absorption below it. I also have normal absorption and 3d quadratic diffusors above... Room is what we listen to, even if we are listening to horns that direct most of the sound to us.

One last suggestion is, toe them in so they cross about 50cm's in front of you, you will have a wider sweet spot, a more convex sound field, and people sitting on your sides will have a better presentation too.


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@ kodomo

Thx. I have followed your thread. Nice system and room.

I have a small room; 3,3x5,7x2,4 m, and thats a challenge. It is impossible with passive filters, i must have DSP.

Radian sounds very good over 2000 Hz and under 12000 Hz. It is something around 1800 Hz who sounds not so good and it falls a lot in frequency over 10-12000 Hz. For me it works fine. I am satisfied.

I am also satisfied with the horn profiles, Tractrix is perfect when you have limited space. JMLC are much bigger horns.

I will try your toe-in suggestion :)
JMLC 1000 is just 7cm's bigger than tractrix 1000. I have actually started using JMLC 1400 which resulted in more open sounding system (hate trying to describe these effects), feels even less beamy. It is also just 2cm's bigger than tractrix 1000. I have tried tractrix 1000, jmlc 1000 and jmlc 1400 with my system

Also, try the radian 475 from 4500hz and up, 2400 is a little too low... Mine has 6db filters at 4500hz and 12000hz, but also impedance flattening. You most probably use eq instead...
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